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Spring Creek Hare Scramble

2021 Spring Creek Hare Scramble Date:  10/3/2021

Click here for the Event Flyer.

Online signup link. It will become active on the date and time listed in the flyer.


Starting in 2017 the Golden Eagles will be hosting their race at Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN. The GECC are eager to offer their own hare scramble twist to a nationally recognized motocross track. Rest assured, the course will be different from Spring event so come out to race or ride the event. Good luck to everyone.

Every year the Golden Eagles host a spectacular Hare Scramble in MN.  The event consists of a variety of terrains:
- Moto track
- Single track
- Two track
- Off camber climbs & descents

Ultimately you can find a wide variety of challenges at our Hare Scrambles and we encourage you to try it out.  Camping is available at Spring Creek with electric hookups.  Camping is an additional fee per night, $10 for primitive, $30 for electric.  Camping is first come, first served. This event is typically the last Hare Scramble of the season and is usually held in October.

Location: Spring Creek Motocross Track, Millville, MN

Directions: MapQuest or Google the track listed above.

Sign-Up: Saturday 5:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday 7:00am - 1:45pm

Start Times:
9:00 am PeeWee / Premier / Girls - Duration: 60 Min
10:30 am Micro / Macro - Duration: 45 Min
12:00 noon C / Women / Youth / Masters / X-Class - Duration: 60 Min
2:00 pm AA / A / B - Duration: 120 Min
Mileage: ~7 Miles

Entry Fees:
AA $50 with payback
A / B / C - $40
Sportsman - $25
Youth - $25
Micro / Macro - Free

New to Hare Scrambles? Try the X-Class!! Open to Women/Men/Young Adult.
$10 entry fee and ride for a full hour.
The following restrictions apply for X-Class:
- Rider must have NEVER raced a Hare Scramble or Enduro before
- Bike size may be 85cc to 1000cc
- Rider may be age 15 on up
- Rider must be an AMA and D23 member - available at sign-up
- Rider must pass sound test
- Rider will line up in the last wave during the C-class
- Rider meeting is MANDATORY
- Rider will be scored each lap but no points will be given or trophies awarded
- Rider number stickers are issued at sign-up
- All AMA & D23 Hare scrambles rules apply. It's up to each rider to know the rules!
You can only be an X-Rider once!

Gate Fee:
$10 per person
Gate opens at 4PM on Saturday and closes at 10PM.
Gates re-open Sunday at 7AM.

$10 primitive
$30 Electric

AMA & District Cards Required

Parents Must be Present w/ Minors.
Minor Release Forms:  Starting in 2012, AMA will be strictly enforcing all minor release forms to be either 1.) notarized or 2.) witnessed and signed by BOTH parents at registration. However, AMA offers an annual minor release card. Upon validation, AMA will issue a verification card that is valid for one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. Present this card during registration at any AMA sanctioned event to skip minor release form paperwork.
Single Event Minor Relase form
Minor Annual Relase form

AMA Membership
D23 Membership
Machine must pass 96 db sound check