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Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club Riding Spots page

As we all know, riding areas are becoming far and few between. We all lose something when a riding area is closed, regardless if you have ever ridden there. One closed riding area is usually followed by another and the "domino" effect can lead right to your favorite riding area being closed. Riding on private property without permission of the landowner is a major topic of concern with lawmakers and legislators. Tearing up the landscape is another aspect that many riders seem to take for granted.  Recently, one of our club members was sent to a seminar held by the Tread Lightly Organization.  We are now in the process of learning the essentials to off-road riding and behaviors that will hopefully keep us all riding for years to come.  Check out the Tread Lightly Organization below.

Download informative brochures on all sorts of outdoor activities by clicking on the link below:
Tread Lightly Trail Tips

Please remember to tread lightly where instructed. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun without damaging our reputation in the process.

If you're looking for places to ride in Minnesota, the MN DNR has a great map of MN trail locations.
Some of the places to ride in MN with good single track are below.  Find them on the map.
Nemadji State Forest
Paul Bunyan State Forest

For places to ride in Wisconsin, the WI DNR has has a great map of WI trail locations.
Check out Black River Falls, WI as well.  They have some great single track!  Terrain is sandy and it really doesn't matter if it gets rained on.  Click here for a map of the single track in Black River Falls.